Abstract art cannot be confined to a single form. It unfolds in an immersive play of shapes, colors, and emotions. Our collection of abstract paintings each make a visual statement in your space. It goes far beyond just acquiring abstract wall decor. Our abstract art reveals itself in every brushstroke, taking you on a journey into boundless imagination. Do you do this with bold line play? Or do you opt for abstract art with subtle textures and compositions? Dive into our collection where expression knows no bounds and enhance the harmony in your space.

Different frames

Every abstract artwork is finished in a frame at Umo Art & Design. This can be a floater frame, a pyramid frame or a display case frame. This differs per artwork. We have the standard colours black, white or oak in our range.




The moving gallery

Umo Art & Design turns the tables

You may be starting a major interior design project and need to manage your time strategically. Determining, recording and realising the decoration logically takes up a lot of time.

As a collaborative project partner, Umo Art & Design realizes the added value of good planning. That's why we flip the concept and bring the art to you in the shiny Umo Art & Design, as a collaborative project partner, recognizes the value of good planning. That's why we're flipping the concept and bringing art to you in the gleaming Umo Art Gallery bus..

Our mobile gallery features impressive collections, including works by various leading artists. Save valuable time and schedule an appointment instantly.

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