Duca Design, in collaboration with Modularh Interiors and Maeve Concepts, transformed this spacious villa into an intimate home. The residents were totally taken care of during the renovation which resulted in a more complete interior.

It started with a simple remodelling of the ground floor, but the end goal gradually changed and the entire house was remodelled. The entire house was stripped and a shell home was all that remained. The villa was rearranged with an atmospheric connection between all spaces and with a special style plan realised by customisation.

The end result is a very impressive and warm interior in which the residents feel truly at home. With the choice of rich materials and luxurious furniture, a work of art from Umo Art & Design is not to be missed.

This client opted for From another time. This theatrical portrait provides a touch of mystery or exoticism that transforms the living room into an impressive space.

If you would like to read more about the renovation, download the entire article here. Check out our collection of theatrical portraits here.

JournalThe Art of Living Edition/dateSummer 2022 Project managingDuca Design FurnitureMacazz Living Interiors Interior designerMaeve Concepts
“This theatrical portrait provides a touch of mystery or exoticism into an impressive space”