What the interior of a hotel, and especially its colour scheme, does for guests' subconscious, could be discovered and experienced at the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam.

Upon entering the Entrance Experience, you discover what a hotel could look like. Warmth, cosiness and being surprised go hand in hand. The Entrance Experience starts with golden hues; the colour of desire. All your wishes are born of desire and thought. Going further into the Experience, you discover an atmospheric hotel lobby and a beautiful hotel room. Both rooms are immersed in exciting colour combinations and luxurious materials. The surprising yet quirky combination of different materials makes the design very sophisticated.

Interior designer Ingrid van der Veen makes maximum use of colour, but is aware of the thin dividing line between too much colour and patterns. She searches for the right balance of the interior until it is absolutely perfect. She does a lot of custom design like the for stand at the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam 2022.

Despite the vibrant use of colour in the stand, the interior felt relaxed and cosy. "It's wonderful to experience what colours subconsciously do to guests' moods. We used this effect to the maximum. It's a fine line between too much colour and patterns." Ingrid is constantly adding and omitting until the perfect combination is created. Moreover, she designs many bespoke items, as was done for these rooms at the Independent Hotel Show.

Making interiors personal is in the details. Large artworks by Umo Art & Design graced the walls in the lobby and hotel room, complementing the look and colour palette. These artworks were composed in consultation with Ingrid van der Veen. And as a partner, we are delighted with this colourful collaboration.

As a gallery, we are increasingly asked to complement an interior with a visual centrepiece or colourful eye-catcher. Are you also interested? Or would you like to collaborate with us? Contact us without obligation. We will be happy to explore the possibilities!

"Making interiors personal is in the details."