More and more hotels are recognising the power of a strong interior. A hotel should feel like a home away from home and that goes beyond pretty linen napkins on the table, or a bunch of flowers on the check-in desk. From the moment the client walks through the door, you want the atmosphere in the lobby to both feel good and have that wow factor. To pull this off, many hotels hire a professional interior designer. It is up to the designer to bring a hotel to life.

Such a desired transformation is increasingly supported by powerful works of art. Designers are going to art galleries more often in order to compliment an interior with a visual centrepiece or colourful eye-catcher. Maurits Pit (owner of Umo Art & Design) explains: ‘We highlight the work of photographers and artists and provide them in different formats. A moment of rest and reflection or just an inspiring boost. An interior is often an expression of different desires. Art from Umo Art Gallery completes that aesthetic. Umo Art & Design's gallery contains impressive collections, which can be found mainly in the luxury segment. But it can also serve a wider customer base on a budget.’

Even during the Corona-era, Umo Art & Design has held up well with their mobile gallery and continued to provide art to all their (potential) customers. This mobile gallery continues to be a great success even after Corona. Pit: ‘We turned the tables and bring art to the client with our mobile gallery. The artworks are brought to their doorstep at a time of their choosing. An additional advantage is that we can provide immediate on-site interior advice.’

A Reyes Vardy on the wall or just the day package?
In addition to photo art, Umo Art & Design distinguishes itself with digital photo frames. Digital images alternate in an in-frame-slide-show. This creates a continuous diversity of beautiful photo art. Via an app, one can enter the photo material and even alternate it with information on hotel packages, for example. This way, Umo Art & Design effortlessly adds a timeless and functional element to a client's interior.

Art objects are also taking up more and more space within architecture. ‘Rightly so,’ says Pit. ‘An impressive image enhances the overall impression. It is an extra dimension that surprises without being overpowering. Whether that is a digital photo frame or a photo artwork on plexiglass on the wall, it is and always will be a wonderful enrichment of interiors.’

MagazineHotelvak Edition/dateWinter 2022
“An impressive image enhances the overall impression”