During the end of 2021, a house in Castricum was completely rebuilt according to the residents' wishes.

NINETY EIGHT Interior Design was commissioned to design the ground floor and master bedroom. They were asked to create a coherent space with materials that were reflected downstairs as well as upstairs. NINETY EIGHT Interior Design paid attention to the right proportions to suit the space and architecture. This way, the house became more balanced as well as a calm and warm whole.

Bernard Baas, interior stylist at Puur Stijl Wonen, added extra warmth to the project by choosing artwork from our collection. His choice was Montana with a beautiful oak wood box frame from our Reyes Vardy Collection. According to him, this painting is present in the right way and, together with the oak, adds exactly the warmth the interior was missing.

Interior designerNINETY EIGHT Interior Design Stylist Puur Stijlvol Wonen - Bernard Baars