At Umo Art & Design, we understand that choosing the right size artwork for your space is an important decision. Therefore, we almost always recommend choosing a large format. Here are some reasons why it's better to go for a large format painting.

Visual impact

A large artwork has the power to grab instant attention and make a statement in any room. It can bring a room to life and provide a focal point of conversation and admiration. With its imposing size, it creates a visual impact that is hard to match with smaller pieces of art.

Sense of space
Large works of art can also influence the perception of space. In a large room, a large painting can make the space feel more balanced, while in a smaller room it can give the illusion of more space. It fills empty walls in a stylish way and prevents your interior from looking bare and unfinished.

Personality and atmosphere
A large format artwork can reflect the personality of your space and create a specific atmosphere. Whether you choose an abstract work or a photographic artwork, from a landscape to a portrait, the presence of a large artwork can set the tone of the entire interior. It offers a great way to express your personal style and taste.

At Umo Art & Design, we are happy to give you advice on art and help you find the perfect size artwork for your space. Visit our gallery or contact us for personal advice and discover the possibilities.

"The presence of a great work of art can set the tone of the entire interior."